Happy Women’s Day!πŸ’•

Women, Feminists! Gender equality!! 🧐These are commonly heard these days.For people who blame the act of women being kept in the dark over ages on culture, I want to remind you Indian culture was always to respect women.Starting from the early vedic period, women were always honoured, empowered in the affairs of home and family … Continue reading Happy Women’s Day!πŸ’•

“Butterfly Formula πŸ¦‹” For Self Love! – A short story to lift up your spirits πŸ™‚

Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Crawly πŸ› Everyone called it ugly, wriggly and disgusting 🀒 Whenever Crawly was disapproved, it questioned life,  Why? Why me? 😞It took things to heart, it was hurt, broken down thinking he had to live all of his life getting criticized😒Over time, the stress of all … Continue reading “Butterfly Formula πŸ¦‹” For Self Love! – A short story to lift up your spirits πŸ™‚

Covid Diaries

---- Pages from a Dentist's Diary 30th Aug, 2020 Last 2 months have been quite hectic. I shifted to a new place as I decided to stay alone and at peace. Meanwhile, there came a notice. We, dentists have been directed to perform Covid duties at a Government Medical Hospital. I was the 1st female … Continue reading Covid Diaries


and how to help fight it.!! Image Copyright URL -https://www.rtor.org/2017/05/09/depression-in-teenagers/ It has been a while since I have been thinking about writing this article. But the right time is now, I guess. We all are aware of the latest sad news of an actor committing suicide due to depression. This is not the first time … Continue reading Depression

An Equal World is an Enabled World✌

Men and Women.!! why compare them and not see them individually? We have seen and heard innumerable arguments on equality of men and women. Some people say both are equal while some others say both cannot be as they are born for different purposes. I want to ask just a simple question, why compare them … Continue reading An Equal World is an Enabled World✌

Blog Anniversary! 🎈

Time for a little story... As a child, I always had my personal diary with me. I used to write all good things, hurtful things, I used it to hide flowers, chocolate wrappers and all such mysterious stuff πŸ˜„. And I always tucked them in a safe corner, lest anyone could find and read them, … Continue reading Blog Anniversary! 🎈

Starry Nights ! πŸŒ 

All the Skygazers!! This is for you 😊 If you are one among those unlucky ones who missed the rare alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars around mid April this year, there's another brilliant event this month you wouldn't want to miss! Yes, there's Lyrid meteor shower which is already happening and is expected to … Continue reading Starry Nights ! πŸŒ 

5 Things to do in this quarantine..

to kill time productively.! Kill time and Productively? Sounds like an oxy moron right! Strange as it may sound, there are a few things you can do in this lockdown for fun as well as to sharpen your skills. Here is a list of 5 things that's keeping me occupied.! Cooking* - Kitchen is the … Continue reading 5 Things to do in this quarantine..

Bored in lockdown? Check out this list of cool movies.!

Yeah, all of us are having a tough time with Corona virus all around, and all this stillness in our lives. But I always choose the positive side, so I am in fact finding time to do things I find interesting, you know cool things like gardening, reading, checking old pictures, hearing lots of music, … Continue reading Bored in lockdown? Check out this list of cool movies.!

Room No.6 .! πŸ˜

The room colored by the early morning sun.! Being an ardent fan of horror/thriller/mystery genre, I have always enjoyed the thrill they provide and the scares such movies/novels create. Little did I know I would end up experiencing it practically one day. Sometime back, I had been on a trip to North East, Shillong to … Continue reading Room No.6 .! πŸ˜